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( Sunday -Bupi Pumh Caan )

( Saturday : Mino Pumh Caan )
7:30Pm to 9:00Pm

( Nubu Thlacam Caan )
10:00Am -12Am

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Church Chairman
Church Chairman

Pu Ni Nawl

Pu Ni Nawl cu kan church ah church chairman Kum 2017 le 2018 tukum peh in church chairman an kan tuan piak lio mi a si .

(515) 661-9237

Church Secretery
Church Secretery

Pu Cung Sang

Pu Cung Sang hi ICBC-Khrihfabu ah 2018 kum ah church-secretary an kan tuan piak lio mi a si.


(515) 988-2561

Church Treasurer
Church Treasurer

Pu Thawng Hlei Mang

Pu Thawng Hlei Mang cu , ICBC Khrihfabu ah church-Treasurer kum tampi ah kan tuan piak lio mi a si.

(515) 577-1452

 ICBC Church Bulletin for (December 2019 )

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Bible Study Group


Request Prayer

Request your prayer by clicking the button below. Kan Khrihfabu ah thlacam cah na duh ah cun, a tang i a um mi kha hmeh in cah kho a si lai.

Who We Are?

Our church name is Iowa Chin Baptist Church. We lived in Des Moines, Iowa State. Our church have about 250 member as of 2018. God have blessing our church and the number of member have been growing since 2014.

What We Believe 

We believe that Jesus is our only God, he is the one that gave his life for our sin. We also believe every word in the Bible as God's word. Our church main goal is to share the God's word to everyone.


We currently don't have our own Church, so we are seeking donation for church building, if you would like to be a part of this, you are most welcome to share your donation with us.  please click the button below to donate. thank you.

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